What are the best priorities for life

Question:  “What priorities will bring my life the greatest degree of joy, peace, and success?”

Bible Answers

Most people have three primary phases to life. The young look forward to what they will do in the future.  Those in the middle years are busy fulfilling their occupations and the old look back over time reminiscing over what they would do differently if they could.

Unfortunately for many, only as they look backwards do they learn the truth. That God and their spouse and kids didn’t want more money and things as much as they wanted more of them. They wanted a relationship, love, and more time to be with them. They want to feel loved, wanted, and a part of their life.

The Bible spells out our priorities as being God first, then spouse, then kids, and last is our job.  

Jesus replied: Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind (Matthew 22:37).  You shall have no other gods before me (Exodus 20:3). But whatever we but first in our lives is our god.

God gives each of us a certain amount of time and time is a resource to be invested. There is a need to invest time to provide for our family, but there is also a point in which we have provide for all of our family needs but we continue to plunge forward in our jobs and occupations. For many, our job and occupation engage all of our time at the exclusion of God. What we get back in life is based on how we invest our time. If we invest in our job, we get back things. If we invest in our God and family, we get back loving relationships, joy, peace, and abundance. It all depends on how we allocate and invest the time God has given us.

Jesus said, I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly (John 10:10).

If you ask those in the middle group who they are, most, especially men, will often name their occupation as who they are. They see who they are as what they do. They are a plumber, an electrician, a manager and that their primary role in life is to earn or make as much money for their family as they possible can. But our occupation is not who we are but what we do.  Who are we?  We are children of our heavenly Father.  We need to put God first in our life. Anything can become a god to us - anything we worship or invest an excessive amount of time into. We need to ask ourselves, am I putting God first in my life or am I making excuses why I do not have time for God?  There is always time for that which is most important in our lives.

What is most important in your life?  If it is not God, then spouse, then kids, you are not prioritizing your life and time in a manor that is pleasing to God and that will provide you the greatest joy and peace in your life.

Anything that is more important than God is idolatry and God tells us, Therefore, my beloved, flee from idolatry (1 Corinthians 10:14). When we start putting God first in our lives, everything else starts to fall into place.

Our second priority is our spouse. Renew the fire in your marriage by investing time into your spouse.  Picture your spouse as they where when you first started dating. As you see them young, vibrant, and loving, you will start to treat them as you originally did, and in time they will start to respond as they did in the beginning.

God wants us to have an abundant life, but to receive; we need to prioritize our life.  Unfortunately, way to many Christians are not receiving God’s blessings because they do not put God first in their lives.

It is never to late to improve the rest of your life with God and your family. As you trust God to provide, you can live in His abundance.

In everything you do, put God first, and he will direct you and crown your efforts with success (Proverbs 3:6).

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