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1.  How old was Jesus when He      started His ministry?


2.  God’s greatest command?             

3.  What is God’s second greatest      commandment?                        

4.  What separates man from God?


5.  How do we eliminate our sins?   







To love             

To tell others about Jesus

Our Sins

We repent of our sins

Not loving, taking the position of God the Judge

He was about 30

The Sea of Galilee

Jesus Wept

Un-repented sin


Our heart


To honor our father & mother



Peter, but he did repent

John the Baptist

Herod Antipas

He kissed Him


In Bethlehem


From the angel Gabriel

A fisherman

By dying in our place on cross




Tax Collector


2 John


Joseph of Arimathea

About 4,000 men + women & kids

Peter and Andrew





God said, “You shall have no other gods before me”

6.  Why is unforgiveness a sin?

7.  What Sea did Jesus calm?

8.  What is the shortest verse in      the Bible?

9.  What keeps us out of heaven?

10. What boy defeated a giant?

11. When God looks at us, what       does He look at?

12. Who received the 10       commandments from God?

13. What does the fifth       commandment of the 10       commandments say?  

14. Isaiah predicted the fall of

      what city 150 years before it


15. Which Gospel is written by a       doctor?

16. Who is the first apostle to

      deny Jesus?

17. Who baptized Jesus?

18. Who murders John the Baptist?

19. How did Judas signal Jesus’s      identity to the Roman officials?

20. What was Paul’s name before

      God changed it?  

21. Where was Jesus born?

22. Who was the first Christian       martyr?

23. How did the Virgin Mary learn       of her pregnancy?

24. What was Simon Peter’s       occupation before he became       an apostle?

26. After Jesus fed 5,000+ people      with two fish and five loaves of      bread, how many full baskets      were left over?

25. How did Jesus pay the price for       our sins?

27. What example does Paul say       Christians should follow?

28. To what city was Saul traveling       to when he encountered a       blinding light?  

29. What job did Matthew have

      before joining Jesus?

30. Who wrote the Book of       Revelation?  

31. What is the shortest book in

      the New Testament?

32. What island was Paul ship-       wrecked on?

33. Who asked Pilate for Jesus’       body after the crucifixion?  

34. How many people did Jesus

      feed with seven loaves of

      bread and a few fish?

35. Who were the first apostles       called to follow Jesus?

37. How many books are in the

      New Testament?

38. What city was Jesus born?  

39. What prophet was swallowed

      by a fish?

40. What does the first       commandment of the 10       commandments say?  

36. What insect did John the

      Baptist eat in the desert?

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