What is the difference between Christianity and Islam?

Question: “What is the difference between Christianity and Islam?  Are the differences important?”

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While we have a number of similarities, the foundational difference between Islam and Christianity is that Islam is a works-oriented religion, while Christianity is a faith-based religion.  To go to heaven, Muslims must accumulate more good deeds than bad and them God must still be willing to say, “It is forgiven”.  Christians believe in salvation by grace through acceptance of what Christ did on the cross. That there is no sacrifice that a person can make that will pay for their sins.  Only God, in the form of man (Jesus), can pay for our sins with His sinless sacrificial blood (Hebrews 9:22).

Because of the fundamental differences between the Quran and the Bible, only the Quran or the Bible can be correct, they both cannot be correct.  The Muslims answer by saying that the Bible was correct in the beginning, but that the Bible has been so changed that it no longer represents God and thus the reason God gave Muhammad the Quran.

The pivotal consideration for the difference between Christian belief and Muslim belief is what the Bible says about Jesus.  The question for both Muslims and Christians is, is the Bible still the Word of God or has it been so altered that it cannot be believed.  

If the Bible has been significantly changed and is no longer the Word of God, then likely the Quran is now the Word of God, but if the Bible has not been significantly changed, then the Bible is still the original and true Word of God and is to be believed and followed.  The Quran also says that Jesus is a great prophet and that all prophets are to be obeyed and followed (43:63, 19:29-30, Yusif Ali). Hence, if the Bible has not been significantly changed, and over 24,000 ancient manuscripts prove the Bible has not been changed, then per the Quran, all Muslims should be following Jesus and the Bible.  

As the Quran tells us that Jesus was a great prophet and that all Muslims are to obey the great prophets, we need to ask, what did Jesus tell us? He said that He was one with God and was God. I and my Father are one (John 10:30) and Jesus said unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man comes to the Father, but by me (John 14:6). Per the Quran, all Muslims should be following Jesus as the only way to salvation. Click for more details on salvation. 

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