Bible Answers About Christians

What newer Christians need to know?

What is the purpose of my life?

Why should I surrender to God?

What are the best priorities for my life?

Does God want to bless me?

What blocks God’s blessings?

What is free-will?

How do I make God the Lord of my life?

Why is loving God and others so important?

What are the consideration of love?

How do you treat those who wrong you?

Why is obeying God so extremely important?

What comes before obeying God?

What are God’s commandments for Me?

Why should I praise and worship God?

How do our thoughts control our life?

How do the words we speak determine our future?

Priorities for life?

Is lying a sin?

Is hate also murder?

Baptism, is it needed?

Communion - required or optional?

Sabbath - required or optional?

Tithing - required or optional?

What authority do I have in my life?

What are Christian characteristics?

Who should be the Lord of my life?

How can I hear God?

How can I discern God’s voice?

How can I know God’s will and guidance?

Does God have different types of will?

Is the power of God’s Word only for Christians?

How can I overcome loneliness?

Why do I need to keep a commitment or pledge?

How should Christians respond to the President?

Christian Reading Bible and Looking to Heaven

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