How can I get closer to Jesus?

Question: “How can I get closer to Jesus?”

Bible Answers

…neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord (Romans 8:39).  Jesus wants us to have a very close, personal relationship with Him.  He knows us, and he loves us more than He loved His own life, which he gave up on the cross in a terrible death for us.  

To get closer to Jesus -

1. Talk to Jesus

You can talk with Him all the time.  Talk to Him as you would talk to others. Talk to Him about your job, how you feel, your desires, and ask Him Bible or spiritual questions you might have. Share everything in your life with Jesus.    

2. Share your heart with Jesus

As you daily talk with Jesus it will become easier for you to share more and more of your inner heart and soul with Him.  As your relationship develops, you will find it easier to be completely open with Him, to be personal and close.

3. Express your love to Jesus

As you talk and thank Jesus for all the wonderful things He has done for you throughout the day and your life, your friendship with Him will take on more intimacy, passion, and love.

4. Hold Jesus’ hand and enjoy private time with Him

Imagine Jesus next to you. Imagine yourself holding His hand. Why? Because as you imagine holding His hand, He really is there with you holding your hand. And you will feel more of His presence as you continue to practice His presence.  

5. Worship Jesus with all of your heart and soul

Worshipping Jesus is loving Him. As you worship Him, you will notice that Jesus is living in your worship and praise, that you are becoming closer to Him, and you are becoming one with Him.

6. Read and study the Bible

Read and study the Bible as much as possibly! Ask Jesus to help you to love the Bible more and more.  As you read the Bible daily, you will learn about the character of Jesus and grow in your knowledge and love of Him.  

7. Enjoy having quiet time with Jesus

Spend time in solitude with Jesus, sitting quietly in His presence. This quiet and intimate time with God will change your life. Imagine that you are holding His hand and that you both are at the beach, or overlooking the city, or at a special garden, or a beautiful waterfall, or sitting on top of a mountain. There is no limit when you use your imagination; and because the Lord knows everything, he knows exactly what you are thinking He makes His presence real to you.

Being a quiet time, turn off your telephone, music and TV and enjoy your time growing with Jesus.

In summary, we grow closer to God as we spend more time just sitting in His presence, worshipping Him, and praising Him with a pure heart.

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