How does deliverance cast out demons?

Question: “How are demons cast out and how does deliverance work in casting them out? Deliverance is the act of setting a person free of Satanic oppression. How then is deliverance applied?”

Note: You may want to first read the previous article, “How Do Demons Affect Out Lives?

Bible Answers

When the oppression is external, a person, in the authority and name of Jesus should easily be able to handle casting the demon away.  When the oppression is internal, it is wiser to get help from those experienced in deliverance.


Why deliverance for internal oppression is best performed with help? The Bible provides many examples of people being delivered by at least two people but no examples of anyone providing self-deliverance.  It makes sense approaching deliverance with a team of strong believers helping you,  since deliverance can be physically and spiritually taxing.   

A deliverance team can:

Preparing for deliverance

Conditions for deliverance

When administrating deliverance to a person or a group who are looking for deliverance, they need to understand that they must first meet God’s conditions.  They need to go step-by-step through the following.  These conditions are most important to both the one leading the deliverance and those receiving deliverance.

  1. They need to confirm that Jesus is their Savior and Lord.
  2. They need to be sure that they have forgiven everyone who has ever harmed or wronged them.
  3. They need to be sure they have repented of their sins and rebellion, and turned away from every form of evil.
  4. They need to break with the occult and any false religion.
  5. They need to rebuke and break all curses over their life.
  6. They need to look only to Jesus, He alone is the Deliver.
  7. They need to understand that they have the authority to cast the devil out in Jesus’ name.

Quoting the Word of God builds faith in the one being prayed for and puts the devil on notice.  He hates scripture.  If Satan is fighting back, quote scriptures.

We are not being commanded to operate in God’s power, but in His authority.  We are to operate within that authority of God’s power.  We can only operate within God’s authority by faith.  By faith, we can operate within the same authority that Christ, Paul, and the early church operated in, if we will believe.

How are demons cast out

Once demons have entered, they must be driven out. They cannot be medicated out, they cannot be counseled out, they cannot be willed out, and they cannot be prayed out. And a demon cannot be driven out if they have permission to stay.  The sin that gave the demon permission to enter must first be confessed and followed by repentance. While a good Christian life helps keep them in check, they must be driven out in the name of Jesus Christ.  And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils (Mark 16:17).  One of Satan’s big lies is that once we confess a sin, the demons leave.  If we believe the lie, then the demons can continue fulfilling their master’s desires in us. The demon will only leave when forced to leave. Demons are cast out in the name of Jesus.

Once it is established that the demons no longer have any legal right to remain in the person’s life, we have absolute authority in the name of Jesus to cast the demons out.

The prince (boss) demon is called forward in the name of Jesus. With Jehovah as his witness, ask if he is the prince demon.  Tell him to have all the demons in his kingdom to gather up their work and to form one demon spirit. Order them to go immediately. Check if there are additional kingdoms present.

While corporate deliverance will work for some, others will need individual one-on-one deliverance.

Step to deliverance

And of course, each step is done in the name of Jesus. The process may take an hour or more because the person must repent of all unforgiveness and sin, believe in the power of the name of Jesus, be delivered, and learn how to keep their deliverance by keeping their doors closed.

Demons normally exit through the mouth, though it may be through any opening.  The word Spirit in both Hebrew and Greek means wind and can mean breath.  It often helps to have the person stop praying and breathe out. Sometimes they go with screaming or strange noises, in most cases they just go.

Example of deliverance prayer

“In the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I now bind every demonic power that in any way is associated with _____ .  I bind you in Jesus Christ’s name.  I command that you will not harm this individual.  You will not split, you will not divide, multiply, fragment, or clone, or in any way pass your duties onto others. You will do exactly as commanded. You will repair all damage. You will put everything back in order.  There are not to be any revolving doors, any tricks, any schemes, and no reentry. I command the demonic kingdom to lineup in order of rank, I remove all of your crowns, and in Jesus’ name, I destroy all of your rights and privileges.  I command that you will clean up all of your messes and disorder, all sickness, all disease, all mental issues, every work of destruction of the mind, all disorders, you will put them back. Everything just as Jehovah God intends for them to be. I command the prince demon to now call all of your kingdom together, pick up everything, and restore everything. Everything must be in order just as Jehovah God intends. There will be healing take place now by the authority of the stripes on Jesus’ body.  I speak that and command that healing will come and that demons will go. I command now in the name of Jesus Christ, every demon spirit, pick up your work, go immediately, and you will obey that command right now. Amen.” (1)

Deliverance Tips

If we know the problem, arthritis, cancer, etc., we cast the evil spirit out by its name.  If we do not know, then we use the group name of infirmity.   “In the name of Jesus Christ, spirit of infirmity, I cast you out now.”

If an evil spirit says that it does not have to go, then you need to ask why.  Check this with the person.  If true, then the person needs to repent before continuing.  It may be necessary to repeat a step a number of times (applying pressure) until it is completed and may also need to backtrack at times to an earlier step.  The demon may also make threats, but in the name of Jesus, they can be commanded to stop.  They have to obey you in the name of Jesus.  If a demon is not going, likely one of God’s conditions is not being met; most likely they still have unforgiveness or sin in their heart.  We can also command demons to return what they have stolen and to repair what they have damaged.  Never forget that it is not our power, but it is always by the truth in the name of Jesus.

After commanding an evil spirit to come out in the name of Jesus, the spirit may come out immediately or it may refuse. If it refuses, keep beating it down with the name of Jesus and scripture until it relents and comes out.  If a person has a number of demons, it may take hours to get them all out.


Keeping deliverance

  1. To retain deliverance, one must keep his house full of God’s presence.  An empty house is an invitation for demons to return (Matt 12:45).  This is done by:
  1. Learning scripture, so that when Satan attacks, we can remind him,  “It is written….”
  2. Continually praising God.  Praising and thanking God really discourages the devil.
  3. Develop a consistent prayer life and learn to pray in tongues daily.
  4. Protect and guard your thought life.  Put on the armor of God, and reject any thought that is not of God. Keep your mind clean by avoiding films, books, and situations that invite danger.
  5. Destroy everything of the occult, pornography, ungodly pictures and written material in your home.
  6. Do not let unforgiveness creep in on you.  This opens doors.
  7. Keep yourself free of sin by repenting of any new sin.
  8. Regularly meet with the body of Christ.

Why some are not delivered

The primary reason for deliverance failing is failure to meet the conditions for deliverance.

  1. The person must desire deliverance.  Many do not want complete deliverance; they just want it toned down.
  2. The person must be willing to admit that they have a demon.
  3. Those ministering must take authority in the name of Jesus.  Faith in His name brings deliverance.
  4. It helps to get the demon to name itself.  Demons, when commanded in Jesus’ name, have to identify themselves, although they might protest and argue, when pressed, they have to obey. While not mandatory, demanding the demon’s name in the name of Jesus, brings truth to the situation, exposes it, weakens its hold and sets the stage for deliverance.
  5. An afflicted person must renounce the demon. Sometimes a person may claim they want deliverance, but want to hold on in some way.  They can break that last desire when they say “I renounce witchcraft, or whatever, in the name of Jesus.”
  6. The person must forgive. Unforgiveness can keep God’s power from manifesting. If you forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses (Matt 6:15).
  7. The person must have repented of their sins.  We know that God does not listen to sinners (John 9:31).
  8. Those ministering deliverance must also be standing before the Lord, holy, free of sin and unforgiveness, and in faith.

Where are demons sent

Many have different beliefs as to where demons are to go. Some belief they are to go to the foot of the cross, but Jesus has already judged them.  Some say to dry places. However the Bible clearly says demons may return from dry places (Luke 11:24).  And others say to the pit.  But we have no evidence of Jesus ever sending demons to the abyss or the pit.  Some quote Luke 8:31, and they begged Jesus repeatedly not to order them to go into the Abyss as proof that we are to command demons to go to the pit, but Jesus did not mention this, the demons did.  A verse that adds greater clarity is Matt 8:29, What have you to do with us, O Son of God? Have you come here to torment us before the appointed time?  If it was not Jesus’ time to torment demons in the pit, it surely is not our time.  

The demons recognize Jesus as the Son of God and that someday He will send them to the pit.  The devil and demons have a right to the earth until the very end.  We cast demons out of a person by God’s authority, but God determines when they go to the pit.  

Regarding deliverance, Jesus said, And these signs will follow those who believe: In My name they will cast out demons (Mark 16:17). God has given you the tools and authority to cast out evil spirits, but the best approach is to keep on guard and prevent any doors from open to the enemy.


1.  Don Dickerman, When Pigs Move In, 2009

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