FAQ Page

Q.  What churches may use this program?

A.  This program is open to all recognized Christian churches.

Q.  What is the cost of the program?

A.  The QR/link, server, tracking, a print ready card, and stock video with church information is completely free.  To cover costs, we accept an annual setup support of $45 for each video.  There is a $60 fee for each custom produced video that we provide a church.  We also provide you with one of the cheapest printers in the industry that prints 3.5” x 5.5” cards, but you are free to use any printer you desire.  

Q. What videos are available?

A.  There are four levels of videos.

  1. Stock videos are included free and are branded with the client’s information.
  2. Custom videos are produced at a cost of $60.  To create a video, the church needs to provide a title, script, and pictures numbered in order that they are to be included in the video.  Each script paragraph needs to be marked with the appropriate picture number.
  3. A church may submitted their own video.
  4. For the most professional video, we have an agreement with a very professional study that specializes in short videos to shoot and prepare a totally customized video for 50% of their normal rate.

Q. How long should a video be?

A.  The answer was about 3 minutes, but American’s attention span is dropping and 90 seconds is recommended with 120 seconds being considered the maximum length.  However, some may watch a longer story if it can capture their attention.

Q.  How long can a video be?

A.  A video we produce can be up to 120 seconds.  A video a church provides us can be up to approximately 4 minutes.

Q.  What is the maximum words per minute for a video?

A.  While 200 words per minute is considered the maximum speed for a video, many claim that greater impact and comprehension is achieved at about 150 words per minute.

Q. What size card do you recommend

A.  We recommend the largest possible card that a person can easily slip into a      pocket. The best size appears to be a 3.5” x 5.5” card.

Q.  Can we use one side or both sides of the card?

A.  You can have a different video on each side of the card or a video on one side and a message the other side such as the Roman Trail or the Four Spiritual Laws.

Q.  What does the program include?

A.  The the program includes:

Q.  May a church provide their own design of tracts, cards, and video?

A.  Within standard limits, yes. We encourage creativity of the church in reaching the lost.

Q.  What restrictions are imposed by the program?

A.  The tracts, cards, and videos must fall within our objective of promoting      salvation and they need to be modest, as we would expect from any church.      We retain the right to make the finial judgement.

Q.  Does a church retain ownership of a video it submits to Salvation Support?

A.  While the church does retain ownership of a video, as the intent of the video is to bring the lost to the Lord, we request that it be made available to other churches in other cities.

Q.  Does the church need to change their website.

A.  Most church websites are geared toward the membership and we would recommend that the visible part of the home page be geared toward welcoming visitors by showing happy people, saying that visitors are always welcome, providing the churches’ address, phone number, and hours of services.  A button to a map is a great addition.

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