Is God in a timeless vacuum?

Question:  “Is God in a timeless vacuum?  Does heaven have time? How do we compare out physical time to God’s spiritual time?”

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We try to compare our physical time to God’s timeless spiritual world (John 4:24) claiming that our eternal God, being eternal, must not possess time; but eternity is not timeless, it is only time without end.

For man, time is a sequential passage of events (Ps 90:4), in which we only have a perception of the present events, being unable to see future events.

For God, the Bible demonstrates sequential passage of events and thusly time occurs in the spiritual world. For example, Satan’s rebellion is presented as events of pride, consideration, gaining followers, rebelling, defeat, and then being cast down.  The fact that time events have happened in heaven does not indicate that we can conceive of heavenly time in the same measurement as earthly time. For instance, Revelation 8:1 says, There was silence in heaven for about half an hour.  However, we have no idea if this was a half-hour of heavenly time or John’s earthly perspective of time.

The point of confusion for man is how God can see future events.  How does God observe an event a thousand years into the future?  Theorists have assume that for God to be able to see into the future, He must exist in a heavenly time vacuum, but this is based on man’s limited knowledge rather than on God’s capacities.  In an attempt to unfold this mystery, man has developed endless theories, all of which have little Biblical support as God has only told us He can, and not how He can.  

There is no Biblical support for assuming that God cannot live in heaven with time while still seeing into the future.

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