How Can I Hear God?

Question:  How come I can hear God sometimes and other times I do not hear God?  How can I better hear God?”

Bible Answers

The first step in hearing God is to realize that He has many different ways to speak to us.  We want to hear God, but how God speaks to us and when He speaks is at His discretion.

Conditions for hearing God


Ways To Hear God

The Bible gives us eight basic ways that the Lord typically speaks.  They are

Make your questions simple and ask only one question at a time. Not that God cannot handle a complicated question, but because we may not be able to understand a complicated answer.

If you do not feel God’s peace, wait and seek God again. Even if you think God has given you a verse and it sounds good, but you do not have a peace about it, wait and seek God for confirmation.

 God’s will is always accompanied with a peace

Wandering mind

You need to be listening with the expectation that He is about to answer you and you do not want to miss it by thinking of other things.  If you are not expecting to hear from God, then you do not believe.  God rewards diligent seekers; he rewards those who seek him (Heb. 11:6).

As you pray, you can keep repeating, “Lord, I want your will, not my will”.

God’s Timing

Wait for God's timing. Waiting trusts that God knows more than you do.  God will seldom lay out a 5-year plan for our lives.  Rather, He leads us one step at a time. Waiting patiently in the middle of your troubles may be exactly God’s will for you today.  Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him (Psalm 37:7).  Not hearing from God may be God saying “wait.”

Dallas Willard, author of  “Hearing God” described his method of hearing God.  He sets aside time for concentrated listening to God: he talks to God about the situation, asks God’s counsel, meditates on Scripture, quiets himself to listen, and waits. Sometimes he does this for hours, then he takes a break and asks again.

Tips on hearing God

Many people do not hear God speak a thought in their mind, but as an impression in which you know exactly what God wants you to know.  We need to recognize that our thoughts may be God inspired.  They may be ideas for business, life, ministry, and may include greater understanding.

Many have heard God but do not recognize Him, thinking it was their own thoughts.

It is beneficial to always write down and journal any input from the Lord for future clarity and understanding.

Do not tell God how you want Him to speak to you.

If you keep confessing that God is not talking to you, then you may receive what you confess.

Praying in tongues opens the pathway of our spirit with the Spirit of God.

When God discloses His plans, do not immediately try to fulfill God’s plan without first seeking God’s timing and His way for implementing His plans. His plan may entail you preparing now for what He has for you later.

What is one of the big secrets to hearing God

The secret is to take time to be quiet, to focus on Him, and to listen. Hearing from God isn't so much if He's talking, but if we're listening.  More details.

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