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How Did Jesus Treat Women?

Question:  “How did Jesus treat women and what was His view of them?”

Bible Answers

Jesus’ perspective of women ran entirely against Israel and Middle Eastern culture then and now.  Women were often treated as property, just one step above slaves, to serve the needs of their father, and later, their husband. A woman had to get permission from her father or if married her husband to leave her home.  A wife could never divorce her husband, but the husband could divorce his wife by simply handing her a bill of divorce.

Women were often viewed as inferior to men, to the point that they could not testify in court, and were excluded from public religious life and rarely taught the Torah, even in private. Jewish rabbis began every temple meeting with the words, "Blessed art thou, O Lord, for thou has not made me a woman."

Jesus constantly defied the cultural norms toward women. He taught, healed, and communicated with both men and women equally. In every way, Jesus considered men and women to be equal.

Jesus accorded women dignity. The first person, besides His disciples, that He told of His divinity was a woman (John 4:7-26), and the first persons to see Jesus after His resurrection were women (Matt 28:9).  We have additional Bible accounts of how Jesus treated women with honor and respect.

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