What miracles can different religions claim

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Question: “We know of the many miracles of Jesus. What miracles can other religions claim?”

Bible Answers

Miracles prove that God is the only true God.  Only the true God would be capable of the plagues on Egypt (Exodus 9:13-16; 10:1,2), crossing the Red Sea (Exodus 14:18,31), Manna in the wilderness for 40 years (Exodus 16:12-15,31-35), causing the Jordan to stop flowing, so Israel could pass on dry ground (Joshua 4:22-24), Daniel and his friend refused to bow to an image of King Nebuchadnezzar, so they were thrown into a fiery furnace, but God protected them (Daniel 3:24-30). These miracles and many many more prove the existence of Jehovah, the one and only God.   

In the New Testament we have many examples of the sick being healed, the dead being raised, and the devil being cast out. Again proving the power of the one and only God and that Jesus is the Son of God.

What is an legitimate miracle

1.  There is conclusive evidence the miracle occurred. With miraculous healing, organic disorders where clearly evidenced and the healing could be readily observed, often local observers who knew the recipient where present along with the presents of non-believers.

2.  Biblical miracles either happened immediately or in a short period of time.  

3.  God’s miracles where complete and perfect.

4.  The miracles have the testimonies of eye witnesses.


Everyone has heard of the miracles of Moses and Jesus but who has heard of any miracles by Mohammed or Joseph Smith or any other religious leader.

Both Mohammed and Smith claimed to be prophets like the Bible prophets, and have writings and religious systems that they claim are equal to those of the Bible. But they have no miracles of God to substantiate that they are God’s prophets.  

Mohammed and Smith followers seldom make any claims to miracles as they have no examples of miracles with eyewitness testimony, but they may make a claim based on tradition.  For example, some claim that one night Mohammed was carried to Jerusalem and then ascended into heaven to see wonders. But there are no eye witnesses and his wife said he never left their bed.  

There is no conclusive eye witness proof of any religious leader being a prophet of God or their writings being the inspired word of God except for the Holy Bible with over one hundred twenty substantiated miracles.

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