What are the steps for requesting prayer?

Question: “God requires certain steps to prayer.  What are His basic steps to effective prayer?”

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The following steps are to prepare us to offer God our request.

Be sure your heart is pure so that you may approach God.

Decide what you want from God.  Be specific.

Ask the Lord how you should pray about your issue.

Is your request within the will of God? Find the scriptures that promise it. Ask the Holy Spirit to help and guide you. If it’s not an emergency, take time to be guided by the Holy Spirit and to find and meditate on relative scriptures so that His Word will abide in you.  You will be more affective praying after the Word of God gets into your heart, as it dispels doubt.


Stand on the promise in prayer.  Believe you will receive.  


See yourself with the answer.  Picture the requested results that you are praying about.  


Pray in the name of Jesus.  always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ (Ephesians 5:20).    


After praying, pray in your heavenly language so the Holy Spirit can pray for you.


Continually thank God for the answer, to trust Him, to have faith.  More info.

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