How can I select the right church?

Question: “How can I select the right church to attend?”

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There are over 4,000 different Christian denominations or ideas of what a Christina church should be.  And while there are many different criteria one can use to select a church, the most important criterion is the foundation of the church. Jesus said that the wise man builds his house on rock and the foolish man builds his house on sand (Matt. 7:24-27).  

Selecting the right church that will feed you the full Word of God is very important and is often difficult to find because many churches preach love but say little about what God expects of us and how to be a Christian.  The following offers a few suggestions.

1.  The first step is to find out what a church claims to believe. This can often be found on the church’s web site. If they do not have a Statement of Belief on the web, ask them for a copy of their beliefs.  A few of the things to look for include: Do they believe

2.  The next most important concern is what is preached. Many churches only tickle our ears by telling us how much God loves us and that everything is fine between you and God.  Now that sure sounds great, but it’s not proper teaching. Not in the least. Along with telling us that God loves us, the pastor also needs to teach us the requirements of God’s Word regarding what He expects from His children and His judgment of those who refuse to obey Him.  He needs to explain how to use the authority and power that God has provided us to protect ourselves and family from the lies and deception of the enemy.

Satan is very subtle, working hard to tempt Christians away from God’s Kingdom and back to his kingdom. Fortunately, we have the power of God to cast Satan’s lies and deceptions from us in the name of Jesus, if the pastor we select will teaches us about Satan and what God wants from us and for us.

3.  Does the church disciple (teach) it’s people?  Are their people growing in their knowledge of the Word of God?

4.  Does the church encourage its members to read the Bible daily?

5.  Does the church promote evangelism?  Telling others about Jesus is very important to God.

6.  Does the church teach about the leading, guidance, and gifts of the Holy Spirit?

7.  Do they sing a few “feel good” songs, or is the church promoting a real worship connection with God?

The importance of these considerations cannot be overstated.  Be sure to find a church that fearlessly preaches the full Word of God and not a church that is only a fun social organization that only tickles your ear.

The most important aspect in making any decisions in your life is taking your concerns, problems, and questions to God in prayer, including which church is best for you?

Many churches are filled with people struggling to find the meaning of their lives in a world where there is no longer any absolute truth because the only absolute truth, the Bible, is not being taught.  Without absolute truth, everything becomes dependent on what each person thinks and wants to believe. False teaching has robbed many churches of the joy and freedom in Christ, its power and freedom in the Spirit, and its passion to win the lost to Christ.

This lack of knowledge has left many people in the church in a false complacency and blindness to the attacks of the enemy and a blindness of what God wants from you and for you.  Be very careful which church you trust your future to.  …my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6 ).

While a church that provides social activity and tells you how much God loves you is enjoyable, it is important to find a church that also teaches about the commands and Word of God, the judgment of God, and the worship of God.  

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