Program Details

Salvation Support sprang from the Lord’s instruction that custom software developed over a long period of time for business marketing could be used to help churches market salvation to the lost.

It is well documented that more and more people, especially the younger percentiles favor videos rather than reading and that many in the general population favor seeing a video rather than reading the same message.  It is estimated that 80% of Internet traffic will be videos by 2020.

To address this modern growing trend, Salvation Support provides a training video for church members to encourage and demonstrate how to give out tracts and cards nearly effortlessly.  

An app is provided free of charge that displays the area canvassed and records those streets that have been visited and those that need visiting.

Salvation Support provide link/QR codes for tracks and provides a selection of cards for distribution with a link address/QR code that link to a video, a selection of customizable videos, high speed server for the video, technical personnel, software to track those who watch your video and monitors how long they watched the video with 24/7 church access.  

There are four levels of videos.

  1. Stock videos are included free and are branded with the churches' information.
  2. Custom videos are produced at a cost of $60.  To create a custom video, the church needs to provide a title, script, and pictures numbered in order that they are to be included in the video.  Each script paragraph needs to be marked with the appropriate picture number.
  3. A church may submit their own video.
  4. For the most professional video, we have an agreement with a very professional study that specializes in short videos to shoot and prepare a totally customized video for 50% of their normal rate. For example, a $1,500 video for $750.

A card can have a link to different videos on each side or have a video link on one side with a message on the other side such as the Roman Trail to review with a prospect.

The data section also stores viewer’s feedback - did they like the tract or card, did they like the video, and provides a comment box. By entering their email address, they will receive a free e-book, “Gaining God’s Blessing”. The church may use the email address to follow up if they feel so led.

If a church so desires, the comment box can also be used to request a pastor phone them.

All of the above is provided free of charge to the local church in support of the Lord’s great commission to take His Word to the world. To cover our costs, an annual setup donation of $40 for each video is accepted.  

The church may use their own tracts and cards and we will provide a QR code and link or they can order cards from our printer at below normal retail rates. The best card size is also the same size of most tracts, 3.5” x 5.5”.

The program is designed to use video to demonstrate to the lost that their sins separate them from God and that only the payment Jesus made on the cross will remove the sin barrier to heaven with the local church providing discipleship training to build up strong new members.

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