Tract Availability


As our nation’s demographics change, more and more people are opting to watch a video rather than read the same message.  And with less people being interest in reading a track, it becomes less likely that a notice for a video on the back of the tract will even be seen.

We favor cards as they are more appealing, can provide two videos or a single video with a message on the back, are modern looking, reduce cost, and nearly 100% of the people see that a video is available. With videos being more likely to produce results and be remembered, we want to do all we can to be sure that the person easily notes that a video is available for viewing.

For those who want to use tracts,,, and are major suppliers.  Unfortunately, they do not print the church information on the back and hence are not able to print a QR code on the back, but we still provide a link and QR code that can be printed on tracts either with a standard office printer or by a local print shop.

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