Can the Bible be proven to be the Word Of God?

Question: “Can the Christian Bible be proven to be the Word of God and can it be proven to be the only Word of God?”

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While there are many arguments used to prove or disprove the Bible, they are not conclusive within themselves as they are only man’s arguments.  However, God himself has provided one type of proof that is unique to the Bible that no other book or Bible in the world can offer, and that no one with a half open mind can argue against.

What one thing could only God include in His Word that would prove it was from God?  Of all the books ever written, many have made prophetic projections of things that would happen in the future, and some points have been correct, but only God can see into the future so only God can provide prophetic statements that are 100% accurate.  However, if He only included 10 or 20 prophesies, people could pupu it, claiming that it was only lucky guesses.  So what did God do to prove beyond any doubt that the Christian Bible is the Word of God? He included over 2,000 prophetic predictions, of which nearly all have now been fulfilled and not one prophetic prediction has ever been proven wrong.

Just think about it.  No group of men could make even twenty significant and specific prophecies that all came true.  Only the God of the Universe could make over 2,000 true predictions.  No other book in the world even comes close because no other book in the world is the inspired book of God.  Of all these prophecies, not one was wrong. No other book in the world has God’s prophecies to prove it is from God.

The true author of the Bible is God Himself (2 Timothy 3:16).

If the Christian Bible is the only word of God as proven by over 2,000 fulfilled prophecies, then shouldn’t you be studying His Word to learn what He wants to say to you?

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